Nankai University Holds the Education and Teaching Award Commendation Conference with 22 Teachers Winning Awards


On November 12th, the Education and Teaching Award Commendation Conference of Nankai University in 2020 was held in the Main Building Small Assembly Hall on Balitai Campus. This is the second consecutive year since last year that Nankai University has invested 5 million yuan to award outstanding teachers in education and teaching. Twenty-two Nankai teachers won awards this year.

Chancellor Yang Qingshan, President Cao Xuetao, Vice Chancellor Yang Kexin, Vice Chancellor Li Yidan, Executive Vice Presidents Li Jing, Wang Lei, Chen Jun, Party Committee Standing Committee Member Liang Qi, and President Assistant Qu Kai attended the commendation ceremony. Vice President Wang Xinsheng presided over the meeting.

The Education and Teaching Award of Nankai University is an annual education and teaching event in Nankai Park. It aims to commend advanced collectives and individuals in teaching and educating, and to further enhance the sense of honor for all educators and students of the school. This year, two people won Lifetime Achievement Awards in education and teaching, ten people won Outstanding Contribution Awards and ten people won awards for outstanding young teachers through the college's recommendation, expert evaluation, publicity and other links. Those teachers who were rewarded the Lifetime Achievement Award will each receive 1 million yuan, and 200,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan will be awarded to the winner of the Outstanding Contribution Award and Award for Outstanding Young Teachers respectively.

Yang Qingshan and Cao Xuetao presented trophies and medals to teachers who won the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Wang Lei presented medals to teachers who won the Outstanding Contribution Award.

Chen Jun presented medals to teachers who won the Award for Outstanding Young Teachers.

In the national teaching competition for young teachers in colleges and universities, Xiao Guangwen, a young teacher from the School of Marxism in Nankai University, won the second prize in the ideological and political category. Li Jing awarded him certificates and trophies.

The honor of the Nankai University Professional Certification Advanced Collective Award were awarded to the Environmental Engineering major of the college of Environmental Science and Engineering and the Clinical Medicine major of the Medical College. Chen Jun awarded medals to the winning departments.

Yang Kexin awarded honorary certificates to the teacher representatives who were awarded the honorary title of Nankai University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Advanced Instructor.

In the 13th National College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Annual Conference hosted by the Ministry of Education, our school won many honors such as Excellent Academic Paper, Best Creative Project, Excellent Instructor, and the total number of award-winning projects ranked first in the country. Li Yidan presented medals to the award-winning teachers of the Thirteenth National College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Annual Conference Excellent Instructor Award.

Yang Kexin and Li Yidan awarded medals, certificates of honor and commemorative medals to the departments and individuals who won the Outstanding Contribution Collective for Undergraduate Enrollment of Nankai University and Outstanding Contribution Collective for Undergraduate Enrollment of Nankai University awards.

“To rejuvenate the school with talents, to build the school with talents, and to strengthen the school with talents is the unchanging tenet of Nankai’s patriotic struggle and the core of its sustainable development.” Cao Xuetao congratulated all the commended teachers and departments in a speech on the spot. He pointed out that Nankai University always treats teachers as the foundation of education and the source of education and the implementation of the strategy of “strengthening the school with talents” is the first strategy for school development, especially the “4211 Plan for Excellent Nankai” for the new century.

The school will put a high priority on the construction of a high-quality teacher team as the basic work of school construction, continuously improve the service guarantee system, provide a better teaching environment and greater development space, and let every Nankai teacher truly feel that working in Nankai is a happy thing.”

The commendation meeting ended when all the teachers sang the Nankai school song together.

(Reported by Fang Lan, Photographed by Qiqi Zong, Translated by Guangjie Li, Edited by STEFAN SARAH DANIELLE and JianjingYun)