Teachers and Students of Nankai University promote Biological Pest Control Methods for Farmers


On March 21, teachers and students from the College of Life Sciences of Nankai University carried out the demonstration and training of facilitated pest control methods for farmers in the demonstration base of biological control and production base of organic produce in Dongli District (Tianjin). Prof. Yuan Weibin and his research team gave a detailed explanation and technique training for the farmers regarding these aspects.

With the focus on biological control in pests, the science research team of Nankai University selected two crops, strawberries and chinese leek, which are easily affected by pests and diseases, and visually explained the common pests and diseases and their hazards, the research results of the laboratory and the effects of their use in the greenhouse.

In the organic strawberry planting greenhouse, Prof. Ruan introduced the biological control of pests and diseases from three perspectives: food safety, rural revitalization and the spirit of helping others. For the most common pests of strawberry, slugs and snails, the biological food lure developed by Prof. Ruan’s team can not only ensure that the strawberry can be safely consumed, but also reduce the loss caused by pests and diseases; therefore, the income of farmers could be increased as the production increases. Biological control technology seems to be much better than the traditional chemical control technology. Besides, Prof. Ruan also talked about the future of biological control technology. He mentioned that there are many fields that require original technologies at the moment and the development of biological control technology has great potentials; for instance, pesticide degrading bacteria, how to enrich heavy metals in non-edible parts. Prof. Yuan’s efforts, with his own experience in rural villages, encouraging Nankai students to contribute to the new rural development in response to the social problems in rural areas, should be admired and respected.

Prof. Ruan’s research team has been involved in biological pest control technology research for many years, and the research results will be promoted to and shared with rural farmers. It would help effectively the control and prevention of pests and diseases, increase farmers’ income, as well as improve agricultural and rural development. In the near future, Prof. Ruan will make use of local agriculture products bases and experimental bases as demonstrations to students from the College of Life Sciences to carry out professional education, education on the hard-working spirit and educational practices, hoping that it can contribute to and prompt the rural revitalization as part of Nankai University.

(Reported by Saiyue Zhong and Penglin Li, Translated by Meixu Wu, Edited by Davide Francolino and JianjingYun)