Tianjin Zuen Yingji Technology Development Co., Ltd. Donates 10 Million to Nankai University for the Upgrading of the Basketball Court


On May 13, Zhang Dan, Chairman of Tianjin Zuen Yingji Technology Development Co., Ltd., donated 10 million yuan to Nankai University to support the upgrading of the basketball court in the western side of Balitai Campus. At the donation ceremony were present Yang Qingshan, Secretary of the CPC Nankai University Committee, Li Jing, Vice President, Qu Kai, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Nankai University Committee, Zhang Dan, his wife Liu Yang and his family.

The new basketball court will be repaired and upgraded this year during the summer vacation, and will include 12 modern basketball training grounds which employ the hardware equipment widely used in international sports events and smart basketball facilities. The AI automatic tracking system can follow how the participant moves on the court, generate multi-dimensional technical statistics, and automatically edit videos. All of these will provide a richer and more interactive basketball experience for teachers and students who love this game.

At the donation ceremony, Zhang Dan delivered a donation check to Yang Qingshan, who presented him with a certificate and a commemorative plaque

Li Jing and Zhang Dan signed the donation agreement

Yang Qingshan, on behalf of Nankai University, expressed his heartfelt thanks to Zhang Dan and Zun Yingji Technology Development Co., Ltd. for such a generous donation. He said that the physical education thoughts of Zhang Boling, first president of Nankai University, are Nankai’s precious spiritual wealth, and this donation will greatly improve the sports facilities of Nankai University, providing teachers and students with more professional and comfortable sports venues.

Zhang Dan noted that having grown up in Nankai, he has developed great affection for this place. He hoped that this donation may fulfill the wishes of his late grandfather Zhang Changjiang to boost the development of sports in Nankai. In the future, Tianjin Zuen Yingji Technology Development Co., Ltd. will carry out more in-depth cooperation with Nankai University, provide support in various aspects, jointly popularize the game of basketball and spread Nankai's physical culture.

It is understood that in addition to the 10 million yuan donated this time, Tianjin Zuen Yingji Technology Development Co., Ltd. will also donate site maintenance fees and sports science services to Nankai University in the long term, granting an amount of about 1.5 million yuan per year.

(Reported by Renming Qiao, photographed by Qiqi Zong, translated by Qianqian Zhao, edited by Davide Francolino and JianjingYun)