Nankai University holds the "Carbon Neutrality" S&T Activity Week


On June 5, the Key Laboratory of Advanced Energy Materials Chemistry of the Ministry of Education and the Institute of Applied Chemistry and Engineering jointly organized the Carbon Neutrality S&T Activity Week. Professor Chen Jun, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and vice president of Nankai University, attended the meeting.

In the speech, Chen pointed out that science popularization is a basic and universal work. Strengthening science popularization education and improving the scientific quality of the whole nation, especially for young people, has become a basic project to enhance national innovation capabilities and international competitiveness. As Tianjin’s “Specially-appointed Science Ambassador” in 2021, Chen Jun hopes that the successful holding of this “Carbon Neutrality” S&T Week will inspire young people’s scientific and technological dreams and contribute to the early realization of “carbon neutrality” and other important national strategic goals.

This time the activity includes two parts: thematic lecture and DIY experiment. In the theme report session, the researchers took Developing New Energy-Helping Carbon Neutrality, Efficient Use of Solar Energy-Solar Cells and How to Float and Retrieve Objects in the 21st Century as themes, bringing a lively and interesting science report about energy. The lecture was full of audience, and the fascinating science report attracted many students to actively interact and created a strong learning atmosphere.

In the DIY experiment process, the graduate students in the laboratory carefully prepared interesting experiments related to their research areas, including more than ten amusing experiments such as creative picture lighting, nano alchemy, electric shadowing and plate shaping, water and air extraction of objects, sunlight green hydrogen, zinc-air battery lighting, porous materials for purifying sewage, catalytic oxidation to remove formaldehyde, solar cell electrolyzed water, quantum dot fluorescent materials, and nano rainbows. Students had access to hands-on experience under professional guidance, gaining chemistry knowledge, working on experimental products and pursuing scientific dreams through practical exploration and interaction.

The small message board carries big dreams: I hope to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality as soon as possible, Little scientists also make great contributions, I hope I can be admitted to the School of Chemistry of Nankai University...Through this event, seeds of science were planted in the hearts of teenagers.

(Reported by Hongyu Niu, translated by Wenhan Lin, edited by Davide Francolino and JianjingYun)