Nankai University 2021 Graduation Ceremony for Undergraduates and Postgraduates


On June 28, Nankai University 2021 Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony for Undergraduates and Postgraduates was held on both Balitai and Jinnan campuses. More than 8000 Nankai students, with the blessings of their alma mater and teachers, embarked on a new journey of life.

The leaders of Nankai University, Yang Qingshan, Cao Xuetao, Yang Kexin, Li Yidan, Li Jing, Wang Lei, Chen Jun, Wang Xinsheng, Qu Kai and heads of colleges attended the ceremony. Faculties, students, alumni, parents and people who care about Nankai from all walks of life also gathered online to share the joy of the graduation and to witness the glorious moment belonging to the Nankai 2021 graduates through live streaming.

Accompanied by the solemn national anthem, the ceremony officially kicked off. Qu Kai and Wang Xinsheng announced the Degree Awarding Decision. In 2021, there are altogether 4632 students receiving the bachelor’s degree, and 3409 receiving the master’s degree. On the podium, the leaders of the university and colleges turned the tassels for the students one by one. The tassels on their caps moved from right to left, symbolizing their graduation from Nankai University.

President Cao Xuetao

President Cao Xuetao expressed warm congratulations to the graduates on behalf of the university. He made a speech to the new graduates of Nankai University under the title: Advance bravely through rapids and proceed further with responsibilities, to shoulder and practice what is of vital importance to the nation. Your generation is born in a prosperous age while shouldering heavy responsibilities. In face of the undergoing profound changes unseen in a century, the fluctuating international situation, the iterative and upgraded technological innovation, as well as the more difficult and complicated task of reform, development and stability than ever before, I hope you will integrate the direction of your personal growth with the sailing course of national development and be the Nankai people who keep what is of vital importance to the nation in mind and assume the great responsibility of the times.

Cao Xuetao sent his heartfelt message to the graduates: A few years of study in Nankai, but a life-long affection for Nankai. I hope all of you are bold to take the lead, make a plan according to the trend, as well as go far steadily in the enterprising journey by living up to your historic mission.”

Zheng Baofu, representative of the alumni

Li Wei, representative of the alumni

Zheng Baofu, the alumnus of College of Chemistry, Nankai University, Class of 1997, Chairman of Shanghai Haoyuan Chemexpress Co., Ltd, and Li Wei, alumnae of College of Philosophy, Nankai University, Class of 1984, founder of Shanghai Sunsource Investment Management Co., Ltd, and Chairperson of Shanghai Art021, spoke as representatives of the alumnus.

Zhao Qiang, representative of the faculty

Fan Zhenjia, representative of the faculty

Ma Mengfei, representative of the faculty

Zhan Sihui, representative of the faculty

As the representatives of the faculty, Zhao Qiang from the College of Life Science, Fan Zhenjia from the Business School, Ma Mengfei from the School of Marxism, and Zhan Sihui from the College of Environmental Science and Engineering, sent their heartfelt messages to the graduates.

Song Yang, representative of the graduates 

Ashar Nuertai, representative of the graduates

Song Yang from the School of Literature and Ashar Nuertai of the School of Law, spoke as representatives of the graduates.

Accompanied by the rousing Nankai University anthem, the graduation ceremony concluded successfully.

(Reported by Jingqiu Hao, Photographed by Qiqi Zong, Chengjin Wei, Junhui Wu)