Exhibition of the Wenjin Book Award Winners Launched at Nankai University


The exhibition of the 16th Wenjin Book Award-winning books kicked off on Jinnan Campus at Nankai University. The Wenjin Book Award, instituted in 2004, is a book award sponsored by the National Library of China and the national library community to promote public welfare. The exhibition is composed of the graphic exhibition and the Wenjin Bookshelf book fair.

In the picture, a selection of 20 books was displayed with covers and abstracts. Each book was demonstrated with a QR code for the audiences to scan to access a complete book review. Information from another 49 books was also provided for audiences’ exploration. A collection of the former Wenjin Award-winning books was displayed. This exhibition will be available till September.

(Reported by Yuan Wang and Renming Qiao, translated and edited by Nankai News Team, Chunyue Zhou and Yao Zhang.)