Nankai University’s Modern Tourism Collaborative Innovation Center Granted as a Pilot Think Tank by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism


Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced 19 units as the first team of pilot think tanks for culture and tourism research. Nankai University’s Modern Tourism Collaborative Innovation Center has successfully made its name in the list. 

These pilot units for culture and tourism think tank will serve as the key participants in coordinating high-quality resources in and beyond the cultural and touristic systems and accelerating the construction of a customized think tank systems. The systems will provide intellectual support for decision making regarding the innovation development in the cultural and tourism field.

Established in 2015, Nankai University’s Modern Tourism Development Collaborative Innovation Center was accepted by the Ministry of Education as an innovation center coordinated by local province and the Ministry in 2019 and was named as a source think tank for China Think Tank Index (CTTI) in 2020. The center supported research in a variety of directions and made fruitful achievements in promoting happiness industries, holistic tourism, Silk Road tourism, the Tea Road, national parks, national tourism image, poverty relief through tourism, village tourism, Marine tourism, integration of culture and tourism, tourism diplomacy, Coordinated Development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, and MTA education. The center has also published the National Tourism Think Tank Research series, which is composed by 12 books, and the Chinese Model of Tourism Development series. 

(Reported by Peihua Shi and Ye Chen, Translated by Xinghua Li,Yao Zhang