“Huan Yu Xing Tong” Startup Team: Break Down Technical Barriers for Powering the Chinese Space Industry


Startup Team “Huan Yu Xing Tong” from College of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering at Nankai University, in joint efforts with Institute of Semiconductors of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), has introduced the customized laser emission component. This new invention has met the aerospace industry standards and is with independent intellectual property rights. It works as an indispensable meta-module for the Inter-planet Network and satellite communication. Meanwhile, the fiber laser amplifier developed by the “Huan Yu Xing Tong” team has successfully launched navigation satellites into space and has completed the experimental communication practices.

Nankai University has been providing profound resources of scientific theories and professional training for innovation teams. Based in the university, inspired by the amplify and adaption theories of the high-power narrow-linewidth fiber lasers, Huan Yu Xing Tong overcame multiple technological barriers and successfully developed high-performance light amplifier. This new radiation-resistant amplifier can reach a maximum volume greater than 100 krad. The team revealed their plans of inventing more core components of optical network. So far, they have developed a variety of prototypes of components to support the laser transmission tasks of satellites in multiple contexts.

Huan Yu Xing Tong” has been a supplier for multiple national aerospace industry units. The team has created a benefit of more than 20 million yuan in the field of commercial aerospace. The team has also built collaboration with their customers, such as China Academy of Space Technology and CAS. The collaborator list is keeping on growing. 

The team has published over 50 high-quality research articles and filed dozens of national patents applications.


(Reported by Renming Qiao, translated and edited by Nankai News Team and Yao Zhang)