Nankai University Welcomes the Incoming Class of 2021


On September 7, Nankai University welcomed the newcomers of 2021. A class of 4186 undergraduates, 5347 postgraduates, and 385 international students from 25 countries were ready for their new journey. Members of the university administration committee, Professor Yang Qingshan, Professor Cao Xuetao, Professor Xu Jingjun, Professor Yang Kexin, Professor Li Jing, and Professor Qu Kai, attended the ceremony. 

The university provided both online and on-site access to the ceremony. Besides the main conference room in Tin Ka Ping Concert Hall, 119 sub-conference sites were set on three campuses for more than 9,000 faculty and students. Families and friends of the new students watched the ceremony on various platforms, including Nankai University official Weibo, Bilibili, TikTok, Kwai, WeChat Channels, and Baidu Baijiahao. Over 300,000 audiences witnessed this exciting event.

University President, Professor Cao Xuetao delivered the opening speech to the Class of 2021. He said Keeping calm in the chaos of life is a virtue of our Chinese as well as a integrity of Nankai graduates. Starting from the first day in Nankai, our students are endowed with such virtue and integrity. The newcomers will contribute a diverse set of perspectives and passions to the university history and blueprint for the future. They also carry the hopes of carrying on the virtue and integrity to accomplish the national rejuvenation in the new century. Take courage and endeavor as your companions over time, environments, and experiences. We look forward to your accomplishments shining with the virtue and integrity of Nankai.”  

The university has been promoting the role models of faculty to maintain a high quality of advisor and instructor mechanism on campus. This year, Nankai University held the 9th Mentors and Friends Award event. Forty-three graduate advisors were elected as the Best Mentors and Friends for their dedication to education and devotion to their work by students.


Faculty Representative, Dr. Jiang Manqi, Alumini Representative, Mr. Zhang Guoqiang Student Representative, Li Peihui, and Freshmen Representative Yu Haozheng spoke at the opening ceremony.


(Reported by Jingqiu Hao, Photographed by Qiqi Zong, Junhui Wu, Zhen Wang and Renming Qiao, translated and edit by Nankai News Team and Yao Zhang.)