Nankai Students Won the Title of "Excellent Legal Intern” Presented by the Supreme People's Court


Recently, the Supreme People's Court presented award certificates to the representatives of the 10th batch of outstanding legal interns. Two students from the School of Law of Nankai University, Ouyang Minghui, an undergraduate student (Class of 2017), and Qin Zewen, a graduate student (Class of 2019), were awarded the title of Excellent Legal Intern.

Since the establishment of the legal internship program in 2015, the Supreme People's Court has received ten batches of legal interns, which is an important program for strengthening the exchanges and cooperation between the court and law schools and innovating the mechanism for training law talents. The School of Law of Nankai University has recommended 11 students to the Supreme People's Court for internship. 

(Reported by Yu Ting and Li Shixiong, edited and translated by Nankai News Team)