Nankai University Received Approval for 6 Major Projects of the National Social Science Fund of China


On December 6, the National Office for Philosophy and Social Sciences (NOPSS) officially announced the list of major projects approved by the National Social Science Fund of China in 2021, in which Nankai University has received approval for six major projects.

The six projects are Research on Major Issues of Constructing an Independent and Controllable Modern Industrial System under the Economic Conditions of a Big CountryResearch on Financial Structure Optimization and High-quality Technological Innovation under the New Development PatternResearch on Social Mechanism of the Vitality of Social Organizations for the DisabledChronology and Thematic Research on the Chinese Historical Literature in KoreaCompilation and Research on Notes Literature of Liao, Jin and Yuan Dynasty, and Research on Virtual Reality Media Narration, for which the leading experts are Professor Bai Xuejie at the College of Economic and Social Development, Professor Li Junqing at the School of Economics, Professor Zhu Jiangang at the Zhou Enlai School of Government, Professor Sun Weiguo at the Faculty of History, and Professor Zha Hongde and Zhou Zhiqiang at the School of Literature, respectively.

Approved and established by the National Office for Philosophy and Social Sciences, the major projects of the National Social Science Fund are the projects with the highest level, the largest funding intensity and the strongest authority in the field of humanities and social sciences in China, and also important indicators to measure the scientific research strength of a university.

(Edited and translated by Nankai News Team)