Yang Qingshan Investigated the Zhuanglang County in Gansu Province


From December 8 to 9, Yang Qingshan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Nankai University, led a team to Zhuanglang County in Pingliang City of Gansu Province for investigation and survey, in order to further propel the implementation of assistance work. He also visited the staff and graduate students dispatched by the university working in Zhuanglang County. Zhou Wei, Secretary of Pingliang Municipal Party Committee, met with Yang Qingshan and the delegation. Li Jing, Vice President of Nankai University, Wang Jin, Vice Mayor of Pingliang City, Chen Jingchun, Secretary of Zhuanglang County Party Committee, and Wang Min, Deputy Secretary of Zhuanglang County Party Committee and county magistrate, etc.  attended relevant activities. 

On the afternoon of the 8th, Yang Qingshan paid a visit to Zhuanglang No. 4 Middle School and talked with Ge Huijun, Hou Jiaqi, Yang Yufeng and Zhao Kexin,  student volunteer teachers of Nankai University. 

On the same day, in Luwa Village of Zhuanglang County, Li Jing and Wang Min jointly inaugurated the demonstration station for innovative household waste disposal. The project was donated and carried out by the College of Environmental Science and Engineering of Nankai University, with a total value over 1 million yuan. As an innovation pilot program combining the concept of green development and the work of rural revitalization, the on-site domestic waste disposal device in the workstation, using efficient heat conduction technology, can effectively deal with waste disposal in rural areas. 

On the morning of September 9, Nankai University and Zhuanglang County held a working meeting. The two sides exchanged views on further improving the assistance work.

(Edited and translated by Nankai News Team)