The Team of Nankai University Exceled in 2021 Chinese Undergraduate Physics Experiment Competition


Recently, the final of the 7th Chinese Undergraduate Physics Experiment Competition (Innovation Competition) came to an end in Nanchang University. The representative team of Nankai University won four national first prizes and one excellence award, renewing our record in this competition.

The Competition is sponsored by the physical science group of National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center Joint Committee, the National Experimental Physics Teaching Research Association for Higher Education Institutions, and the Physics Teaching Committee of the Chinese Physical Society, attracting 480 participating universities, 1853 teams, and 9523 teachers and students.

Launched in March 2021, the Competition was divided into two parts: teaching competition and innovation competition. In the teaching competition, Nankai University won the excellent organization award and three first prizes for projects among the participating universities in Tianjin competition area.

The Chinese Undergraduate Physics Experiment Competition is the largest one of physics discipline in China, and focuses on cultivating the innovative spirit and practical ability of students, improving students' teamwork spirit and overall quality, and enhancing the teaching of physics experiment and the training of innovative talents.

(Edited and translated by Nankai News Team)