Nankai University Achieved Good Results in the First Global College Student Hackathon Challenge of 2022 World Engineering Day


The results of the first Global College Student Hackathon Challenge were announced on March 4 during the celebration of 2022 World Engineering Day. With the entry "Intelligent Water Quality Detection System Scheme", the team composed of 4 postgraduates respectively from the College of Foreign Languages, the College of Environmental Science and Engineering, the College of Computer Science, and, the College of Computer Science of Nankai University, stood out from 125 teams of 24 countries and regions around the world. Nankai team was shortlisted for the final together with the other 8 teams, being in the "24-hour Global Webcas"t held on the 2022 World Engineering Day. 

Integrated with spectral analysis equipment, Internet of things and machine algorithm, the "Intelligent Water Quality Detection System Scheme" is a set of automatic water quality monitoring system, providing an optimal governance tactics for water quality testing. Meanwhile, this scheme signifies that the traditional government governance-dominated model has been replaced by people-dominated model, which effectively improves the water quality monitoring efficiency in a long run.

Several other Nankai teams also participated and submit entries with reflection and exploration on reduction of non-biodegradable solid wastes such as plastics, solution of urban waterlogging, water quality monitoring, and intelligent robot, etc. 

(Edited and translated by Nankai News Team)