Nankai University Achieved Good Results in 2022 International Criminal Court Chinese Moot Competition


2022 International Criminal Court Chinese Moot Competition was held online from April 16 to 17. Nankai University's team, among all 81 teams, won the second prize of the group award and the first prize of the best prosecutor lawyer pleading award after 6 rounds of court debates.

International Criminal Court Chinese Moot Competition is organized and sponsored by Chinese Initiative International Criminal Justice (CIICJ). The competition language is Chinese, one of the six official languages of the International Criminal Court. The competition is currently one of the largest moot competitions in the field of international law with the largest number of competing teams, the longest history and the most sophisticated competition rules in China.

Nankai team consists of the 5 undergraduate respectively as the prosecutors lawyer, the victims lawyer, the defenses lawyer, and the coach. Associate Professor Tang Yingxia of the International Law Teaching and Research Section of the Law School serves as the instructor. In order to arouse students' interest and train excellent candidates, Tang Yingxia launched the elective course International Law Moot for undergraduates, focusing on classic international law cases and pleading writing methods as well as organizing practical exercises on moot cases. The outstanding results of this competition owe a great deal to the training of this course.

This year's competition focuses on the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, crimes against humanity, war crimes and victims’ participation in the litigation system. In the two rounds of court debates, Nankai team played the role of the prosecutor, the defense and the victim respectively competing against teams of University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University, Southwest University of Political Science & Law, etc.

(Edited and translated by Nankai News Team)