Yang Qingshan Met the Visiting Delegation led by Alumnus Zhang Wenzhong


On April 24, the delegation led by Zhang Wenzhong, founder of Wumart,  Vice Chair of Nankai Alumni Association and Chair of Nankai Alumni Entrepreneur Association, visited Nankai University. Yang Qingshan, Secretary of the CPC Nankai University Committee and Chair of Nankai Alumni Association, met the delegation at Balitai campus.

Yang Qingshan expressed his gratitude to Zhang Wenzhong and other alumni for their contributions to the development of Nankai University, and a special thanks to Wumart during the time fighting covid-19. He pointed out that for a long time, alumni from all walks of life have granted great concern and gave funding support to a number of projects involving talent recruitment, academic research, excellent faculty and students awards. Nankai University will further strengthen connection with its alumni and form a shared community of university and alumni.

The heads of the Development Committee Office and the Education Foundation of Nankai university reported on the implementation plans of the Wenzhong Fund, Zhide Fund and Springs Fund.

Zhang Wenzhong spoke highly of the project plans, saying that it is in line with the wishes of donors and the development of Nankai University. He will give continuous support to Nankai, especially in recruiting and training talents.

After the meeting, the site of Nankai Alumni Entrepreneur Association was jointly  inaugurated by Yang Qingshan and Zhang Wenzhong at Nankai University Haibing Center. 

Xu Jingjun, Executive Vice President of Nankai University and Executive Vice Chair of Nankai Alumni Association, and Yang Kexin, Executive Deputy Secretary of the CPC Nankai University Committee and Vice Chair of Nankai Alumni Association, attended the meeting and inauguration ceremony.

(Edited and translated by Nankai News Team)