NKU Research Fellow Won the Honor of "Distinguished Young Scientist" of the 6th CCS - Evonik Chemical Innovation Award


Recently, Nankai University research fellow Niu Zhiqiang has won the honor of "Distinguished Young Scientist" of the 6th Chinese Chemical Society (CCS) - Evonik Chemical Innovation Award for his achievement of developing new strategies for regulation of positive micro nano structure and negative surface interface, which realized the construction and smart design of high-performance aqueous rechargeable Zn batteries.

Niu Zhiqiang, as a well-known scholar in the field of Applied Chemistry, has long been engaged in the research on the basis and application of aqueous Zn batteries with a series of innovative achievements in terms of the high-safety and low-cost aqueous rechargeable Zn batteries. Besides, he has developed a series of new strategies for regulation of the micro nano structure of positive active materials, established the structure-activity relationship between the material micro nano structure and its electronic structure and embedded carrier types, revealed new energy storage mechanisms such as non-metal ion co-insertion, and realized the effective regulation of electrochemical reaction process and significant performance improvement. 

The new mechanism for surface and interface protection of negative electrode materials, proposed by Niu Zhiqiang, has revealed the effects of nucleation barrier and electric field distribution on Zn deposition, realizing the effective inhibition of dendrite and hydrogen evolution. Moreover, he led his scientific research team to optimize the material and device structure, successfully develop the large-capacity soft-packing aqueous Zn batteries, and put forward new intelligent design schemes such as battery flexibility and self-repair, thermal self-protection and chemical self-charging, providing theoretical guidance and method support for designing the materials and devices of high-performance, large-capacity and long-life aqueous Zn batteries, and expanding the application of aqueous Zn batteries in different scenarios.

The "CCS- Evonik Chemical Innovation Award" was jointly founded by the CCS and Evonik Industries AG in 2011, aiming to reward chemical scholars with outstanding academic achievements. The award is issued every two years. 

(Edited and translated by Nankai News Team)