A Digital Collection at Nankai University Museum Went Live, Presenting Its First 21 Cultural Relics


As May 18th marks the International Museum Day, Nankai University put online the "Digital Exhibition of Select Cultural Relics from Nankai University Museum", presenting its first batch of 21 relics.  

These culture relics in the digital collection span a period of about 8,000 years from the Neolithic Period to the Ming and Qing Dynasties and range from pottery, bronze and porcelain to other types.

The digital collection combined flat display with dynamic presentation and with 3D scanning technology, the stereoscopic images of the cultural relics is restored. Such scene restoration allows the users immersive experiences, helping them acquire the cultural meaning of the relics while interacting with the models. 

This digital collection was designed and developed by a student team called "Nanyou Jiayu". They used their spare time to complete works such as 3D information acquisition as interpretation the relics, as well as the UI and function design of the application program.

In the future, the Nankai University Museum will continue to promote the upgrading of the digital collection, increase the number of relics, and improve interactive functions, aiming to provide teachers, students and the public with rich visual presentations, interactive communication and immersive experiences.

(Edited and translated by Nankai News Team)