NKU Scholars Involved in Publishing a Top Accounting Journal


Recently, the paper "Enhancing Auditors' Reliance on Data Analytics under Inspection Risk Using Fixed and Growth Mindsets", which was co-authored by Cao Tongrui, Assistant Professor of Nankai Business School, Tan Hun Tong, Professor of Nanyang Technological University, and Xu Tu, Assistant Professor of Renmin University of China, was published on The Accounting Review, one of the world's top accounting journals. 

Based on the theory of psychology, the study examines how the impact of inspection risk on auditors' reliance on data analysis is influenced by different ways of thinking. According to the findings of the study, when auditors are prompted to use "fixed mindset", high inspection risk reduces the auditor's reliance on data analysis compared with low inspection risk. However, when auditors are prompted to use "growth mindset", high inspection risk increases the auditor's reliance on data analytics. The above findings are of key significance for data analysis, inspection risk, mindset and other research and audit data analysis practices. 

The Accounting Review, sponsored by the American Accounting Association, is one of the world's most prestigious and oldest accounting research journals.  

(Edited and translated by Nankai News Team)