NKU Pan-terminal Chip Interdisciplinary Science Center Inaugurated


Experts and scholars interpret high-end chips

The Pan-terminal Chip Interdisciplinary Science Center of Nankai University was inaugurated on June 29. Based on the discipline advantage and strong research basis of the College of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering and other colleges of Nankai University, the Center aims to occupy global high ground in technology and industry, and focuses on the key technologies of radio frequency, automotive electronics and signal chain chips as well as intelligent control and system applications in view of scientific issues in the field of high-end chips, thus to become a world-class pan-terminal chip R&D base. 

Cao Xuetao, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and President of Nankai University, as well as the heads of the NKU Science and Technology Department, the College of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering, and the College of Artificial Intelligence jointly inaugurated the Center.

Cao Xuetao said that the establishment of interdisciplinary science centers is an important initiative for Nankai to become a "double first-class" university in the new period. High-end chips are the focus of international competition. It is hoped that the Center will open up new paths and new directions for interdisciplinary research, target the most advanced technologies in the world, and bring together resources for interdisciplinary innovative research.

In the following Pan-terminal Chip Interdisciplinary Science Forum, Prof. Chen Hongming of Zhejiang Ocean University and Prof. Zhang Xing of Peking University respectively made reports entitled "Wireless Transmission Chip for Marine Satellite Internet of Things Based on RISC-V Processor" and "Micro-nano Electronic Devices in the Post-Moore Era". Other participating experts brought invited papers with the topics such as "Research on Intelligent Algorithm of Highly Integrated BMS Chip", "High-precision High-speed ADC Design", "Technical Breakthrough in Vehicle-grade Power Management Chip", "Intelligent Robot System Based on Ubiquitous Perception", "Low-dimensional Semiconductor Spin Device and Ultra-Low Power Chip", "Single-Molecule Device and New Paradigm Chip", "Exploration of Solving Complex Scheduling Problems with Artificial Intelligence", and "Research on Surfaces and Interfaces of III-V Compound Semiconductors". 

(Edited and translated by Nankai News Team)