NKU Mathematics Interdisciplinary Science Center Inaugurated


On June 30, the Mathematics Interdisciplinary Science Center of Nankai University  was inaugurated. Cao Xuetao, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and President of Nankai University; Xu Jingjun, Executive Vice President of Nankai University; and Ge Molin and Zhang Weiping, Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly inaugurated the Center.

Cao Xuetao said in his speech that the establishment of the Center is the result of the wisdom of experts and scholars in many disciplines of Nankai University, particularly mathematics, and is another key achievement in the establishment of interdisciplinary science centers under the "4211 Seeking Excellence Plan" implemented by the university. Nankai University will go all out to support the establishment and development of the center. 

It is learned that the Center will be geared to the global frontier and, under the guidance of Nankai University’s discipline strength in mathematics, carry out scientific research in four key areas: "core problems in basic research", "information theory coding and cryptography, image processing, and artificial intelligence", "protein function prediction and single-cell data analysis", and "mathematical finance and actuarial studies".

At the subsequent "Symposium on Mathematics and Its Applications", the participating experts gave wonderful reports respectively entitled "Describing Combinatorial Theory", "Activation discovery with FDR control: Application to fMRI data", "Sampling and Reconstruction of Signals", "System of Absolute Value Equations and Optimization", "Phase transition and mobility edge", "Nilpotent Higgs bundles and the Hodge metric on the Calabi-Yau moduli", "Metric Analysis and Applications in Network Science", "Optimal investment and divided under renewal risk model", "Information Theory for Function Computing", and "On nonconvex regularized models for image and surface restoration problems".

(Edited and translated by Nankai News Team)