The Chinese Team Led by NKU Won Gold Medal at the Online International Young Physicists' Tournament


From July 27 to 31, Nankai University and Tianjin Physics Society led the Chinese team to participate in the Online International Young Physicists' Tournament (OYPT) 2022 organized by New Zealand. Under the guidance of the faculty team from Nankai University School of Physics, the Chinese team composed of 5 participants reached the finals after 5 rounds of competition, and won the gold medal with the highest aggregate score. The Singapore team and the Canadian team won the silver medal and bronze medal respectively. This is the best result achieved by the Chinese team since its first participation in this competition. 

This competition is one of the world's top three physics competitions for students, the other two being the International Physics Olympiad and the International Students' Scientific Paper Competition. It is also one of the most valued competitions today. As a physics debate competition in the form of team competition, OYPT aims to strengthen the participants' ability in critical thinking and innovation, problem-solving, inductive reasoning, teamwork and communication and presentation. It is favored by students around the world and highly recognized by physics educators. 

Nankai University, as the Chinese council member of the International Young Physicists' Tournament (IYPT), introduced this competition to China in 2007 and set up an Chinese working group tasked with selecting, training, leading and guiding Chinese team members. In this competition, Nankai University, as the leading organization, carried out rigorous and systematic pre-competition selection and guidance. Chen Jing and Chen Zongqiang from NKU School of Physics served as the leaders of the Chinese national team composed of five middle school students. At the same time, Nankai University sent Professor Li Yudong as an international independent judge. 

It is reported that the 2023 IYPT will be hosted by Pakistan. The NKU School of Physics will continue to undertake the selection and training of the new team, and cultivate high-quality personnel for the development of physical sciences in China.

(Edited and translated by Nankai News Team)