NKU Students Achieved Excellent Results in RoboCup 2022


Recently, the finals of the RoboCup@Home Education, part of RoboCup 2022, held in Bangkok, Thailand took place online. Under the guidance of Li Wenyu, member of Professor Duan Feng's team from the School of Artificial Intelligence, the "Pluto" team composed of 5 sophomores, including Sun Jiawen, Qiu Shuang, Xi Wen, Jian Zihang and Cao Shicheng, participated in the OpenPlatform Challenge of the RoboCup@Home. The Pluto team won unanimous praise from the five judges for their performance in the review process, including project introduction through slides presentation, demonstration of AI robot functions, technical Q&A, etc. The team finally won the "Best Paper" Award and the 3rd place in the OPL College Group. 

RoboCup is the world's most influential robot competition with the highest level of comprehensive technology and the widest scope of participation. Since its inception in 1997, it has been held in more than ten countries and regions including Japan, France, Sweden, Australia, the United States, Germany, South Korea, Italy, Portugal, China, Austria, Singapore, Turkey, Mexico, the Netherlands, and Brazil. RoboCup@Home Education Competition. As an educational program of the RoboCup@Home, it aims to encourage schools to participate in the development of AI-centered service robots. 

(Edited and translated by Nankai News Team)