NKU Students Won First Prize at Second National Cryptography Science Popularization Competition


The results of the first and second national cryptography science popularization competitions were announced on August 25. After the preliminary, public comments, finals, publicity of entries, etc., the video entry "What is Digital Certificate?" (instructor: Professor Jia Chunfu) produced by Zhu Wan'er and Li Yuechan, undergraduates of Nankai University College of Cyber Science who were enrolled in 2020, stood out from the 254 entries to win the first prize at the Second National Cryptography Science Popularization Competition.  

"What is Digital Certificate?" (click here to watch the video) introduces in detail the vitally important and widely used concepts in cryptography in terms of the basic principles, working methods and typical applications of a digital certificate, starting with the extensively used mobile payment service.

In addition, the entry "Video on Introducing Password Security" (instructor: Professor Wang Ding) produced by Hong Shuhong, Wu Du and Feng Shaowen, undergraduates of the College of Cyber Science who were enrolled in 2018, won the second prize at the first competition. The entry "Searchable Encryption”" (instructor: Professor Liu Zheli) produced by the undergraduate Wang Ruixuan who was enrolled in 2018 and the postgraduate Yang Yue who was enrolled in 2021 won the third prize at the second competition. 

The National Cryptography Science Popularization Competition, hosted by the Chinese Association for Cryptologic Research, introduces cryptography using pictures, texts, videos, physical objects, etc., so that people can better "learn about and use passwords" and raise the awareness of network security and personal information protection.

(Edited and translated by Nankai News Team)