Professor Zhu Shoufei of Nankai University Won "Xplorer Prize"


Zhu Shoufei, a professor at the College of Chemistry of Nankai University, won the 4th "Xplorer Prize" on September 15.

Zhu Shoufei's award-winning project belongs to the field of "chemical new materials". He has been engaged in the research on organic catalysis and synthesis chemistry, with a focus on three types of important organic catalytic and synthesis reactions with hydrogen transfer as the key step. He advanced the concept of "chiral proton-transfer shuttle", discovered the catalytic carbene's insertion reaction to B-H bonds, developed various iron-catalyzed hydrogen transfer reactions, and realized the efficient synthesis of a variety of important bioactive molecules. 

The "Xplorer Prize" was established in 2018, co-sponsored by 14 well-known scientists such as Yang Zhenning, Rao Yi, Shi Yigong, Pan Jianwei, and Xie Xiaoliang, as well as Ma Huateng, the founder of Tencent Foundation. The award covers ten fields of basic science and cutting-edge technology. It is presented to no more than 50 winners each year, each of whom will receive the prize money totaling 3 million yuan within 5 years. It is intended to encourage young scientific and technological talents to explore "the unknown" in science. 

(Edited and translated by Nankai News Team)