NKU Professor Wang Xin Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry


Recently, Professor Wang Xin of the College of Environmental Science and Engineering of Nankai University was recognized as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry with a certificate. 

Professor Wang Xin, a recipient of the Excellent Young Scientists Fund of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, is primarily engaged in applied basic research in the field of anaerobic biological sewage treatment and its utilization as resources. He has made a series of research achievements in directional enrichment of electroactive biofilms, electron transfer of microorganism species and electricity-induced biodegradation of pollutants, which were published in well-known academic journals in the field of environmental engineering such as Environmental Science & Technology and Water Research. Many research results have been applied to online monitoring of water quality at sewage treatment plants, low-consumption and efficient sewage purification devices, efficient bioremediation of soil contaminated by petroleum hydrocarbon and other fields. 

Established in 1841, the Royal Society of Chemistry is the world's oldest academic society in the field of chemistry and one of the most influential authoritative academic institutions in the world.

(Edited and translated by Nankai News Team)