Academician Ma Jun Delivered a Seminar for NKU Faculty and Students


On February 15, Professor Ma Jun, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a doctoral supervisor at the School of Environment, Harbin Institute of Technology, was invited to give a seminar entitled “Challenges to the Urban and Rural Ecological Environment in the Vision of Carbon Neutrality and Engineering Technology Development Countermeasures” for the faculty and students of Nankai University. 

Ma Jun analyzed the challenges facing urban and rural development, such as ecological problems caused by the imbalance of materials entering and leaving cities, the microclimate problem caused by the urban heat island effect, the imbalance of water resources in urban and rural areas, and high energy consumption and large carbon emissions for traditional end-of-pipe treatment. In view of the problems and challenges, he proposed countermeasures for green and low-carbon development of urban and rural areas, such as a shift from centralized to decentralized treatment, comprehensive green governance, pollution reduction at source, and resource recycling. Based on the results of research conducted by his team, he also talked about the progress of research on water technologies for green and low-carbon urban and rural development such as technology of waste utilization for room temperature composting, microbubble high solubility for catalytic ozonization, and multi-functional membrane technology that serve the vision of carbon neutrality.

After the seminar, Ma Jun visited the laboratories at NKU's College of Environmental Science and Engineering.