NKU Students Shine at 7th National Cryptography Technology Competition


The finals of the 7th National Cryptography Competition came to an end in Wuhan on March 18. The entry entitled “Realization of Cloud-based Password Manager” submitted by the team of Cai Yuzhu, Duan Yihe and Xu Yuanyi, students from the College of Computer Science and the College of Cyber Science, won the first prize. The entry entitled “Design and Realization of Password Leakage Query System” submitted by the student team composed of Xu Minghu, Li Yutong and Huang Jingzhang won the second prize. Professor Wang Ding served as the instructor for both teams. 

The National Cryptography Technology Competition is the highest-level and most influential cryptography competition in China, which is sponsored by Chinese Association for Cryptologic Research under the guidance of State Cryptography Administration. The competition this year drew a total of 503 teams with over 1,500 members from 111 institutions and organizations including universities, enterprises, vocational colleges and research institutes nationwide, setting a new record in terms of the category and size of participating units.