NKU’s “Frontier Science Center for the Creation of New Organic Substances” Officially Approved for Establishment


Recently, the establishment of “Frontier Science Center for the Creation of New Organic Substances at Nankai University was approved by the Ministry of Education, marking a breakthrough in Nankai University’s establishment of a national major basic research platform.

In line with the trend of precision, refined, integrated and intelligent creation of new materials, the Frontier Science Center for the Creation of New Organic Substances works to meet China’s major strategic needs for green development, life and health, food security, clean energy, and other areas, and conducts forward-looking and leading basic research in three key areas of efficient synthesis of new organic substances, biological functions of new organic substances, and transformation and storage of new organic substances’ energy, with a focus on the synthesis, conversion and functional application of carbon-containing compounds and their aggregates. At the same time, the Center will build a support platform for accurate characterization and computational simulation. It will advance the development and cross-integration of disciplines and open up the innovation chain of design, synthesis, law of structure-function relationship, and functional application of new organic substances as the source of independent and original innovation in the field of material science in China, thereby contributing to China’s strength in science and technology.