Nankai University 2023 Graduation and Degree Awarding Ceremony Held


The 2023 Nankai University Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony for undergraduates, master’s students and doctoral students took place at Balitai Campus and Jinnan Campus on June 20 and 21 respectively. University leaders including Yang Qingshan, Chen Yulu, Yang Kexin, Li Jing, Zhao Meirong, Chen Jun, Niu Wenli and all the  Deans of the colleges and schools attended the ceremony.

The playing of the national anthem marked the official beginning of the ceremony.

Chen Jun, Li Jing and Fang Yongchun respectively read the resolutions for degree awarding. This year, 8,816 students received bachelor’s degrees, 4,378 students received master’s degrees, and 636 students received doctoral degrees. On the rostrum, the university leaders turned the tassels on students’ square academic caps from right to left. Chen Yulu issued certificates to doctoral graduates, and turned the tassels on their square academic caps from right to left.

President Chen Yulu gave a speech entitled “Being a new generation of young people capable of shouldering the mission of building a strong country and rejuvenating the nation”. At the graduation ceremony for undergraduate and master’s students, Chen Yulu encouraged the graduates to be patriotic, and be a new generation of young people shouldering the mission of building a strong country. Chen said that graduates should “bear in mind the tasks, align their lifelong goals with China’s development, and undertake the mission of building a strong country and national rejuvenation with a selfless mind and excellent wisdom,” and work at the forefront of science and technology and become trailblazers. “I sincerely hope that Nankai graduates in the new era will have the courage to make new progress in the changing world, seize opportunities and work hard, innovate and make breakthroughs, and strive to produce more creative achievements for national economic and social development, self-reliance in science and technology, national rejuvenation and progress of mankind!” It is essential to cultivate character and practice, and be a new generation of resolute and conscientious young people. “I hope that you will build character and temper yourself through work, have the thirst to seek thorough knowledge, bear in mind your ideals, say no to laziness and mediocrity, and pursue the overall picture with a broad vision.”

At the graduation ceremony of doctoral students, President Chen Yulu expressed three hopes for doctoral graduates. First, uphold the principle of right and wrong and shoulder heavy mission. As the vigorous driving force behind modernization, you must shoulder heavy responsibilities and contribute your talents and youth. Second, be pioneering and forge ahead. It is hoped that the students will root themselves in the land of China, adhere to the  “four orientations”, strengthen basic research and make breakthroughs in key core technological challenges. Be brave in overcoming bottlenecks and intellectual obstacles. Focus on achieving technological self-reliance and self-strengthening, making significant achievements and breakthroughs, and contributing to China’s strategic scientific and technological advantages. Third, concentrate and show dedication. It is hoped that whenever you look up at the sky, you can remember the personal charisma and academic achievements of the older generation of scientists, and make contributions that meet the expectations of the times, the people, and history.

Lv Zili, an alumnus who was admitted to Nankai University for chemistry studies in 1985 and chairman of Sinoshield Group, and Shu Dong, an alumnus who was admitted to Nankai University for business management studies in 1988 and founder of Guangdong Zhongxian Law Firm, also sent wishes and blessings to the graduates.

Professor Wu Xiaolin, an executive council member of the Theoretical Research Association of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Vice Dean of Zhou Enlai School of Government; Professor Xu Wentao from the College of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering; and Professor Zhao Xin, Chief Scientist of the National Key Project, Distinguished Professor, a member of the University’s Degree Evaluation Committee and Dean of the College of Artificial Intelligence spoke on behalf of the faculty members.

Song Jiahang, an undergraduate student of class 2023 from the School of Economics, Gong Yilin, a master’s student of class 2023 from the School of Journalism and Communication, and Li Mingming, a doctoral student from the College of Chemistry who was admitted in 2018, spoke on behalf of all graduates.

“Bear in mind Nankai’s motto and uphold the spirit of Nankai; be honest and work hard. Remember the instructions and shoulder the mission; be enterprising and strive for success. Love China, work to rejuvenate China, and be a member of newgeneration of Nankai people! Wish Nankai University long-term development! Wish the dear motherland prosperity!” All graduates stood up and made a solemn commitment to Nankai University, their alma mater.