12 NKU Achievements Win 2022 National Teaching Achievement Award


On July 24, the Ministry of Education issued a decision on approving the projects that win the 2022 National Teaching Achievement Award. The honor goes to 1,998 national teaching achievements, including 572 awards for undergraduate achievements and 284 awards for graduate achievements. Nankai University completed a total of 12 award-winning projects as the first unit.

The award-winning undergraduate projects cover many fields such as top-notch talent training, teaching innovation, new engineering, and research-based teaching, while the award-winning postgraduate awards cover innovative postgraduate education, training of leaders in basic disciplines, and enterprise talent training, among others. The achievements demonstrate Nankai University’s achievements in modes of talent training and education & teaching reform in recent years and are the outcomes of the fundamental task of fostering character and civic virtue, valuing education and teaching reform and innovations, as well as theoretical and practical investigation.

The National Teaching Achievement Award, which is selected every four years, is a key measure for the state to implement the strategy for invigorating China through science and education, the strategy for developing a quality workforce, and the fundamental task of fostering character and civic virtue. It is also a periodic review and demonstration of Nankai University’s achievements in talent training and education & teaching reform. Nankai University will take advantage of this award to further deepen the reform of education and teaching, make simultaneous progress in innovative characteristics and a “double first-class” program, pursue development to its full potential, and make overall improvements in the quality of education and teaching as well as independent training of talents.