NKU Students Perform Well at 2023 RoboCup Online Challenge


Recently, the 2023 RoboCup came to an end in Bordeaux, France. Two undergraduate teams from Nankai University performed well in the finals, winning the first prize and the “Best Paper” award (the only one) in the online challenge.

The two teams were coached by Li Wenyu, a member of the team headed by Professor Duan Feng of the College of Artificial Intelligence. The “NK Lumos” team composed of six undergraduate students, including Shi Ruochuan, Qiao Yi, Guo Fengrui, Sun Can, Zhao Yinqi and Sun Jiawen, won the online challenge championship of the open platform group. The “NK Core” team composed of five students, including Chai Ying, Wang Qiang, Cheng Junjie, Jiang Yushan and Cao Shicheng, won the third place and the “Best Paper” award.

RoboCup is an international robotics competition and artificial intelligence technology development platform that aims to promote research and development in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence. RoboCup is the world’s top professional robotics competition with its greatest influence, the highest comprehensive technological level and the widest range of contestants. Centering on artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction, RoboCup@Home competition is oriented to the application of future robots in home services, with the aim of realizing advanced human-computer interaction and practical applications of service robots.

(Edited and translated by Nankai News Team.)