Three Nankai Faculty and Students were included on the OPEN100—Top Open Source Contributors, Announced by the International Open Benchmark Council


Recently, the International Open Benchmark Council (BenchCouncil) announced the 2022-2023 OPEN100Top 100 Open Source achievements, which includes three teachers and students from the College of Computer Science of Nankai University.

Under the guidance of Prof. Cheng Ming-Ming, the video completion work E2FGVI (published in CVPR2022, CCF-A conference) by the Media Computing research group was included on the OPEN100Top 100 Open Source achievements, and Guo Chunle, the corresponding author of the paper and a young teacher, and students Li Zhen and Lu Chengze, also the authors of the paper, were included on the OPEN100Top Open Source Contributors.

The paper of E2FGVI proposed an end-to-end flow-guided video inpainting framework. The framework consists of three modules that follow the previous optical flow-based approach: Optical flow completion, feature propagation, and content hallucinmation modules. However, unlike the previous optical flow-based methods, these three modules can be jointly optimized and deployed in an end-to-end manner. The framework has promising inpainting/restoration performance and inference efficiency, achieving the best results of the four evaluation metrics on the YouTube-VOS and DAVIS datasets. Compared to the previous optical flow-based approach, this method has an inference speed about 15 times faster, and its FLOPs is the lowest among all approaches. This research is expected to serve as a strong baseline for the video inpainting community.

BenchCouncil is a non-profit international organization that evaluates and performs benchmark tests on state-of-the-art technologies and industry practices, and promotes the evaluation, verification, discussion, incubation and promotion of new technologies such as source chips, artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain. For this selection, BenchCouncil invited a number of independent scientists to handpick 102 representative achievements from tens of thousands of open source-related achievements around the world for the list, and after identifying the main contributors of projects, selected a total of 195 people for the OPEN100Top Open Source Contributors.

(Edited and translated by Nankai News Team.)