NKU Professor Awarded 2023 Green Asia Pacific Environmental Protection Achievement Award


The award ceremony of the 2023 Green Asia Pacific Environmental Protection Achievement Award was held in Hong Kong. Professor Yu Hongbing of the College of Environmental Science and Engineering of Nankai University won the “Environmental Protection Lifetime Achievement Award”.

Yu Hongbing has been engaged in cleaner production work for over 30 years, put forward the theory of whole-process systematic energy conservation and emission reduction technology, created a Chinese management system for cleaner production, formulated the world’s first cleaner production management system for enterprises, and published the world’s first manual on cleaner production management system. He has travelled to over 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions such as Xinjiang, Guangdong and Heilongjiang to serve more than 1,000 enterprises, creating economic benefits of 6.466 billion yuan in energy conservation and emission reduction. This has made outstanding contributions to the building of a beautiful China. 

Yu Hongbing said that in order to prevent and control pollution, it is necessary to pay more attention to atmospheric changes and industrial emission reduction, take scientific and rigorous measures in light of local conditions and national conditions while respecting traditions, take into account people’s well-being, and promote healthy economic development.

It is learned that the “2023 Green Asia Pacific Environmental Protection Achievement Award” is jointly sponsored by the United Nations Environment Foundation, China Association of Environmental Protection Industry, etc. The event aims to bring together individuals, enterprises, institutions and organizations devoted to environmental protection in China and the Asia-Pacific region to exchange experience in green development, promote the application of green technology, facilitate the construction of green projects, advocate ideas of green consumption and healthy life, and foster global cooperation.

(Edited and translated by Nankai News Team.)