NKU Shines at the 9th China Undergraduate Physics Experiment Competition


The finals of the 9th China Undergraduate Physics Experiment Competition (CUPEC) took place at Chongqing University from November 23 to 27. The CUPEC was sponsored by the Joint Session of the National Demonstration Center for Experimental Physics Education, the National Association of Experimental Physics Teaching in Colleges and Universities, the Committee of University Physics Experiments under the Steering Committee of University Physics Course Teaching of the Ministry of Education, and the Physics Teaching Committee of the Chinese Physical Society, organized by Chongqing University, and co-organized by the journal Physics Experimentation. Five teams of Nankai University participated in all categories (given topic, self-selected topic, and lecture) of the competition. After online preliminary, online scoring, and offline oral defense, Nankai teams won three first prizes and two second prizes.

The team of Xiang Sizhe, Xu Tiandao, Gu Yuqing, Yang Xuanpu and Liu Jiyao and the team of Li Qinglin, Ding Yanjing, Liu Ke, Zhang Chao and Wei Zijun won the first prize in the self-selected topic category for the work “Design and Realization of Measurement of Metal Thermophysical Parameters in Open Environment” and thework “Research on Fluid Properties Based on Dynamic Bubble Method”, respectively. The team of Li Tianchi, Xu Bo, Guo Yongfeng, Wu Baoyun and Guo Yuchong won the first prize in the given topic category for the work “Research on Interference and Diffraction of Complex Structures under the Condition of Lens-free Optical Path – Imaging Experiment Based on Fresnel Diffraction and Neural Network Algorithm”. The team of Zhang Jiarui, Li Zhuochen, Wang Ruochen, Liao Kangqi and Zhang Zihang won the second prize in the given topic category for the work “Moiré fringe characteristics and its application based on double grating”, and the team of Zhou Siyu, Guo Rui and Li Youran won the second prize in the lecture category for “Millikan oil-drop experiment”. Nankai University won the Outstanding Organization Award. Wen Xiaoqing, Li Wenhua, Qian Jun, Sun Haiying, Zhang Siyao, Liu Lisa, Deng Zhichao, Wang Jin, Zheng Dahuai and Wang Xiaojie from the School of Physics are the instructors at this competition.

The CUPEC is the largest physics competition in China. This competition drew more than 13,000 participants in 2,340 teams from 603 colleges and universities. Over 1,200 students in 427 teams representing 231 colleges and universities participated in the offline finals.

(Edited and translated by Nankai News Team.)