NKU Has Released Annual English Report on Development of China’s Logistics Industry for 13 Consecutive Years


Recently, Contemporary Logistics in China: 20 Years of Progress and Achievement published by Springer, a world-renowned science and technology publishing company, with the Modern Logistics Research Center of Nankai University as the chief editing institution, was officially released globally. The report is China’s first and only English report on the development of China’s logistics industry issued overseas. The report, published 13 times in a row and with over 100,000 downloads, acts as an important insight into China’s logistics market and policies.

The report is a landmark achievement for Nankai University to run a “world-class” discipline in logistics and build a national think tank. It is collected by many universities or international scientific institutions such as Stanford University, Yale University, Cambridge University, National Library of Australia, National University of Singapore, and Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and has become an important reference material for the EU to study China’s logistics market. It has been invited to give a special report at the annual meeting of American Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), the world’s most influential industry event in the field of logistics and supply chain management, for many years in a row. Professor Rick Blasgen, Chairman and CEO of CSCMP; John Langley, Editor-in-Chief of American Third-Party Logistics Study and a professor at Pennsylvania State University, and other world-renowned scholars and industry leaders have written book reviews and expressed high praise for the report many times. In September 2023, the report was invited to be presented at the annual academic meeting of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), and received great praise and attention from international scholars such as Professor Alan McKinnon, Chairman of the World Economic Forum's Logistics and Supply Chain Industry Council, and Professor Edward Sweeney, President of the Conference.

The Modern Logistics Research Center of Nankai University has released the Chinese version of the Annual Report on the Development of China’s Logistics Industry on behalf of the central government for 21 consecutive years, which has a total of nearly 6 million Chinese characters, with nearly 50,000 copies and 15,000 citations.

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(Edited and translated by Nankai News Team.)