NKU Won Tianjin Science and Technology Award for 20 Achievements, Including Grand Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress for the First Time


Recently, the 2023 Tianjin Science and Technology Award was officially announced. Twenty scientific research achievements of Nankai University were awarded. Eleven were completed with Nankai University being the first affiliation, including one grand prize for scientific and technological progress, one grand prize for technological invention, two first prizes for natural science, one second prize for technological invention, and three second prizes for natural science and scientific and technological progress.

2023 Tianjin Science and Technology Award includes seven grand prizes. It is the first time that Nankai University won two grand prizes at the same time and was also the only winner of two grand prizes this year.

The project “Research and Application of Key Materials for High-performance Lithium-ion Batteries” spearheaded by Professor Chen Jun from the College of Chemistry won the grand prize for scientific and technological progress, which is the first grand prize for Nankai University in this category. The project “High-Temperature-Resistant Processing Quantum Dots and Their Light Diffusion Plates” led by Professor Dai-Wen Pang from the College of Chemistry won the only grand prize for technological invention this year.

The project “Research on Carrier Control and Light Management in Perovskite/Crystalline Silicon Tandem Solar Cells” led by Professor Zhang Xiaodan from the College of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering and the project “Discovery and Regulation of Novel Topological States in Photonic Microstructures” led by Professor Chen Zhigang from the School of Physics won the first prize for natural science. 

Nankai University also participated as a partner organization in nine projects, which won one first prize for natural science, seven second prizes for scientific and technological progress, and one third prize for scientific and technological progress.

It is learned that the 2023 Tianjin Science and Technology Award selected 21 natural science prizes, 9 technological invention prizes, and 147 scientific and technological progress prizes. 

(Edited and translated by Nankai News Team.)