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Tianjin Education Press President Huang Pei Donated a Special Collection of Ancient Books to NKU Library
11.28 2022
NKU Team Established Relationship Between Marine Environmental Chemistry and Environmental Biological Effects Based on Artificial Intelligence
11.24 2022
Academician Fan Daiming Gave a Lecture on "Integrative Medicine" to NKU Students
11.21 2022
An Asteroid Named After Academician Rao Zihe
11.17 2022
NKU Team Applied AI to the Research of Novel Coronavirus Neutralizing Antibodies
11.14 2022
Nankai University Held the Book Exhibition of "100 Classics of Traditional Chinese Culture"
11.09 2022
Editor’s Pick
Nankai Physics Discipline Celebrated Its 100th Anniversary
This year marks the 100th anniversary of the launch of the physics discipline of Nankai University. On October 9th, an anniversary conference was held on Balitai Campus. The conference was held both online and offline. Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences including Zhang Jie, Gao Yuanning, Duan Wenhui, Fang Zhong, Cai Ronggen, and Bu Xianhe attended the conference. Yang Qingshan, Secretary of the CPC Nankai University Committee, delivered a speech via a video.
10.31 2022
The Opening Ceremony for NKU Students Enrolled in 2022 Held
09.12 2022
Professor CHEN Yulu Inaugurated as President of Nankai University
08.26 2022
IChO 2022 Concluded in Tianjin
07.19 2022
Nankai University 2022 Graduation Ceremony Held
07.04 2022
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Nankai University Released Contemporary Logistics in China (English Edition) for 12 Consecutive Years
11.07 2022
Zhang Boli's TCM Kicked off the Second Season of NKU's Medical Lecture Series Taught by Academicians
11.03 2022
NKU Research Team Revealed the Biochemical Mechanism for DNA Damage-Inducible RNA Pol II Release Regulated by Paf1 Complex
10.27 2022
Professor Zhu Shoufei of Nankai University Won "Xplorer Prize"
10.24 2022
Nankai University Professor Invited to Give a Report at the 73rd Annual Meeting of the ISE
10.20 2022
Nankai University Students Achieved Excellent Results at China Undergraduate Life Sciences Contest
10.17 2022
The 23rd National Symposium on Environmental Microbiology Held in Tianjin
10.14 2022
NKU Scholar Invited to Publish a Cover Paper in "Nature Reviews Chemistry"—Regarding the Principle and Applications of Plasmonic Phenomena in Molecular Junctions
10.12 2022
NKU Students Won First Prize at Second National Cryptography Science Popularization Competition
10.10 2022
"Belt and Road" Symposium on Language, Culture and Trade Between China-Türkiye Held Online
10.07 2022
FLINS/ISKE 2022 Held in Tianjin
10.05 2022
NKU Business School Received Re-accredition by AACSB
10.03 2022