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NKU Students Won Grand Prize for the Group in the 5th National College Students' Municipal Environment Innovation and Practice Ability Competition
06.19 2024
NKU’s Researcher Develops AIEgen-based Near-infrared Afterglow Luminescence Nanoprobes for Image-guided Tumor Resection
06.17 2024
NKU Team Realizes Spatial Information Lasing Based on Bound States in the Continuum
06.13 2024
NKU Team Achieves Strong Bulk Photovoltaic Effect in the Phosphorene System for the First Time
06.11 2024
NKU Team Makes Important Progress in the Field of Solar Cell-based Artificial Photosynthesis
06.06 2024
NKU Students Perform Well at the 15th Chinese Mathematics Competition for College Students
06.03 2024
Editor’s Pick
Fields Medal Winner Artur Avila Appointed as NKU Guest Professor
05.09 2024
NKU Establishes School of Sociology
01.15 2024
Nankai University Celebrated the Centenary of its Political Science Discipline
12.04 2023
Nankai University Held "Tianjin Forum 2023"
11.13 2023
Experts and Scholars Gather at NKU to Discuss Chinese Modernization and Global Development
10.20 2023
More News
NKU Team Makes Important Progress in breaking the Mirror Symmetry of Sound Vortex Transmission
05.29 2024
NKU Won Tianjin Science and Technology Award for 20 Achievements, Including Grand Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress for the First Time
05.27 2024
NKU Team’s Photolithographic Micropatterning Manipulation Reveals Collective Cell Radial Ordered Migration
05.23 2024
2024 International Symposium on Electrocatalysis and Electrosynthesis of the Chinese Chemical Society Held in Tianjin
05.20 2024
The Launch Meeting of the First “China Collegiate Computing Contest - AIGC Innovation Competition” Held in Tianjin
05.16 2024
Innovative Drug developed by NKU Team Approved for Clinical Trials
05.13 2024
New Breakthrough in Hydrogen Energy! NKU Team’s International Cooperation Results Published in Nature
05.06 2024
New Achievements in the Field of Artificial Intelligence by NKU Published on Nature Methods
05.02 2024
NKU Team’s Open-source MDTv2 can Speed up Training of Sora’s Core Component DiT by More Than 10 Times
04.29 2024
NKU-STU Joint Team Reveals Three-dimensional Structure of new Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Target to Aid the development of New Anti-tuberculosis Drugs
04.25 2024
NKU’s Research Results Published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)
04.22 2024
NKU Team Makes Important Progress in the Field of Photocrosslinking to Construct Nanogels to Improve the Utilization of Pesticides
04.18 2024