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NKU Team Makes Important Progress in the Nonlinear Control of Light Field
09.21 2023
NKU Hosts Symposium on Interfacial Chemical Behavior of Pollutants
09.18 2023
Nankai Team Reveals Macrophages’ Capacity of migration on Non-adherent Substrates in Mesenchymal Mode by Photolithography-based Patterning Manipulation
09.14 2023
NKU Team Established High-Throughput and High-Content Drug Screening Method Based on Microarray and Expansion Microscopy
09.11 2023
The Institute of Polymer Chemistry of Nankai University Celebrated Its 40th Anniversary
09.07 2023
The eScience International Summit 2023 kicks off in Tianjin
09.04 2023
Editor’s Pick
NKU Biology Discipline Celebrated Its 100th Anniversary
Recently, the conference to commemorate the 100th anniversary of NKU biology discipline was held at the auditorium of the main building at Balitai Campus.
07.27 2023
Nankai University 2023 Graduation and Degree Awarding Ceremony Held
07.13 2023
Nankai University and the International Vaccine Institute Signed the MOU to Build the IVI Nankai Joint Vaccine Center
05.18 2023
Nankai University Held Centennial Commemoration Conference for Philosophy Discipline
05.04 2023
Nankai Physics Discipline Celebrated Its 100th Anniversary
10.31 2022
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Ministry of Education Engineering Research Center for Intelligent Trusted Behavior Algorithms and Systems Inaugurated
08.31 2023
The 2023 International Monetary Forum Held in Beijing Experts Discussed “High-standard Opening up and Regional Cooperation”
08.28 2023
Fellow Svetlana Jitomirskaya Gives Lecture at Nankai University’s “Chern Lectures”
08.25 2023
NKU Team Realizes Highly Tunable Large Optical Chiral Response in Twisted 2D Materials
08.23 2023
NKU Invention Patent Wins 24th China Patent Excellence Award
08.21 2023
12 NKU Achievements Win 2022 National Teaching Achievement Award
08.17 2023
The 2022 Report on “Nankai University China’s Outward Foreign Direct Investment (OFDI) Index” Released
08.14 2023
Nankai Recived FIVE Awards in Recognition of Outstanding Research Achievements in Higher Education
08.10 2023
300 Million Yuan! NKU Works with ENN Group to Build First Cognitive Technology Innovation Center in China
08.07 2023
The Fourth Fundamental Edge in Graphene Unveiled with Photonic Lattices
08.03 2023
2023 Academic Annual Conference of the Chinese Sociological Association Takes Place at NKU
07.31 2023
NKU’s Microbiology Research Results Included in International Authoritative Textbook
07.24 2023