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Global Scholars from Multi-organizations Join the Webinar on Information Equality, Presented by Professor from Nankai University
05.17 2022
Nankai's team constructed therapeutic agents at lesions in situ with "enzyme amplified peptide assembly"
05.16 2022
2022 China Fintech Research Conference Held Online
05.13 2022
Nankai University Won the "Grand Prize" of the 17th "Challenge Cup" Competition
05.12 2022
Nankai Scholars Published a Paper in "Nature Reviews Chemistry" on the Post-synthetic Modification of Metal-Organic Cages (MOCs)
05.11 2022
NEOMA Confucius Institute for Business Held the International Chinese Language Education Resources Exhibition
05.10 2022
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12 Academicians Lecture One General Elective Course for Undergraduates of Nankai University
What is it like to take an undergraduate general elective course lectured by 12 academicians?On March 18, Cao Xuetao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of Nankai University, delivered the lecture of Frontiers and Challenges of Biomedical Research in a way of combination of online and offline, which marked the beginning of Frontiers and Challenges of Medicine, a general elective course launched by School of Medicine, Nankai University.From Biomedical Research Obje
04.01 2022
The Diary of a Student Reporter of Nankai University on Fighting Covid-19 at the New Campus
01.16 2022
Nankai University and Times Higher Education Co-hosted the Teaching Excellence Summit
11.29 2021
100th Anniversary Ceremony of the Chemistry Discipline of Nankai University was Held
10.29 2021
The School of Journalism and Communication of Nankai University Launched
10.25 2021
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Nankai Team Made Progress in the Research of Mechanical Signal Transduction Mechanism of Intestinal Pathogens
05.09 2022
Academician Zhong Nanshan Gave a Lecture to Nankai Students
05.06 2022
The 13th Anniversary Ceremony of the Confucius Institute at Cheju Halla University Held
05.04 2022
A Professor of Nankai University Participated in Compiling "Engineering Technology and Clinical Transformation" Published by Elsevier
05.02 2022
Science and Technology Daily: China's Combating COVID-19 Policy Effective in Many Ways
04.30 2022
Scientific Research Team from Nankai University Has Made Progress in Artificial Blood Vessel Research
04.27 2022
Nankai University Launched 60 Courses on the Platform: Smart Education of China
04.25 2022
Nankai Team: Organoboron "Knocks on the door" of Pyridine Drug Synthesis
04.21 2022
Professor Gong Ke Attended the World Engineering Summit in Costa Rica
04.18 2022
"Academician Expert Team" Lectures Materials Science
04.14 2022
Genome-scale Screening Identifies Key Genes for Pluripotency Exit of Rat Embryonic Stem Cells (ESCs)
04.11 2022
Researchers from Nankai University Revealed Trends in Periodic Law and Chemical Properties of Elements under Pressure
04.07 2022